Balaji Steels

Stainless Steel Dustbins

We are a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Stainless Steel Dustbins. Stainless Steel Dustbins, offered by us, are of superior quality and have high durability. Steel Dustbins come in various shapes, sizes and designs. We offer a wide variety of Steel Dustbins which includes Pedal Dustbin, Airport Dustbin, Ashtray Dustbin, MS Dustbin, Push Dustbin, Stand Dustbin, Perforated Dustbin and Swing Dustbin. Steel Dustbins, offered by us, are used in homes, commercial places, offices, etc.

Sizes Available : 12*18,10*14,12*14,12*28,12*32,14*28,14*32,15*29 etc.

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MS Dustbin

Our range of MS Commercial Waste Bin, Garbage Bin is widely use in hospitals, hotels, restaurants and offices. Designed in compliance with international quality standard, our range is available in various shapes and sizes according to order. We will manufacture MS Dustbin as per requirement.



Pedal Dustbin
The company is a renowned Manufacturer and Supplier of Pedal Dustbin. Pedal Dustbin, supplied by us, is of excellent quality. We have a wide variety of Pedal Dustbin. We offer Square Perforated Pedal Dustbin, Plain Pedal Dustbin and Round Pedal Dustbin. Pedal Dustbin is easy to use. One just need to press the footer of Pedal Dustbin and can

Airport Dustbin

Airport Dustbin is manufactured and supplied by the company. Airport Dustbin, supplied by us, is made up of good quality raw-material. Airport Dustbin, made by us, is capable enough to store huge amount of garbage in it. Airport Dustbin is supplied by us both in bulk and small quantities at competitive prices.


Ashtray Dustbin

The company is a large-scale Manufacturer and Supplier of Circular and Oval Ashtray Dustbin. Ashtray Dustbin, manufactured by us, is of superior quality and extremely durable. Ashtray Dustbin is fit for shedding away ash, collected from various sources. Ashtray Dustbin is available at reasonable prices in all parts of India. more...

Push Dustbin

The company is a renowned Manufacturer and Supplier of Two Holes, Three Holes and Circular Push Dustbin. Push Dustbin, supplied by us is, of superior quality and strong in nature. Push Dustbin comes with a handle installed on its top. Through this handle it becomes easy to pick up the Push Dustbin without touching the main body


Stand Dustbin

We are a renowned Manufacturer and Supplier of Circular Stand Dustbin. Stand Dustbin, offered by us, is of good quality and has very long life. Stand Dustbin comes in bright steel appearance. Stand Dustbin can be placed somewhere in the corner for disposing garbage. We supply Stand Dustbin all over the country at reasonable


Swing Dustbin

The company is a Manufacturer and Supplier of Circular Swing Dustbin. Swing Dustbin, supplied by us, is of good quality stainless steel and has ability to last for many years. Swing Dustbin is easy to use as it can easily swing on either side. One does not need to lift up the whole dustbin to empty it. Swing Dustbin is mainly


Perforated Dustbin

Our Perforated Dustbin are widely used in homes and offices and are fabricated from stainless steel. They are in high demand worldwide and are durable, corrosion resistant and reflect a unique blend of technology and design.

Features :

  • Corrosion